Wifi Marketing for cafes & restaurants

Grow your customer list with Wifi 

Hi welcome to Quickapp Wi-Fi In this video we would like to show you how Wi-Fi can be used as a marketing tool. With WiFi it’s easy create your own personalised marketing campaigns. If you’re a Cafe or Restaurant owner or you’re simply looking to  promote your business, Wifi marketing is for you. Let’s be honest engaging customers and promoting your business can be extremely time consuming. However by using Wi-Fi as a marketing tool you can save loads of time & it’s actually pretty simple You can easily turn your Wi-Fi hotspot’ into a customer loyalty, analytics and advertising machine. We like to think of Quick Wifi as a business owners  helping hand & an easy way to engage your customers Max owns a with a restaurant that offers Wi-Fi to its customers. Max can configure the captive portal with multiple login options so that every time a customer connects through the Wi-Fi Their information is automatically captured and stored on Wifi dashboard Max’s goal is to encourage people to login using their social media or email accounts to gain access to the Wi-Fi. This way he can collect their information, names, emails & birthdays. Now Max has the information he can automate customer rewards and birthday gifts. With our visit based software Max can now set automations. Like 4th visit leave us a review ? 6th Visit get a free Coffee. All of this is 100% automated. Max is now getting more online reviews and customer engagement from his Free Wifi. With the Wifi dashboard you can view customer analytics. How many visits and how long each customer is in the venue. & gain in depth analytics of your customers. Create marketing campaigns targeting specific customers. The software allows you to automatically add new email addresses to an email list. and increase conversions by sending automated emails The software can create targeted ad’s with the advertising tool. You can use the advertising tool to promote things like a lunch or Dinner special to drive business on the quite days. The Automation software is great way to gain more reviews online with TripAdvisor Yelp and Google. like what you’ve learned here today call us for a free Demo 1300 515 611 or visit www.wifi.quickapp.com.au

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